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Attention Debit Card Customer!

GSSB/Farmers are excited to provide our customers will the newly innovative debit cards, which will be arriving soon!  Your new card can be activated and you can begin to take advantage of the convenience of the new features on Thursday, August 12th.  Some of the features you can look forward to include the addition of a chip, contactless use, the ability to temporarily increase your limit, and many other upgrades that can be accessed through our new, improved mobile app that can be fully accessed and utilized Monday, August 16th.

With Wednesday, August 11th being the last day your old card will be active, there may be some unavoidable inconveniences when trying to process your debit transactions.  As always, customer service is our top priority at GSSB/Farmers.  Please be assured that we are working hard to keep those inconveniences to a minimum and that the issue lies within only one of the many debit card processing networks.  We will continue to work with local merchants that use that network to see how we can assist.  It has also been suggested that if you encounter a transaction that won’t authorize, to select “Credit” as your transaction method for that day.

Please don’t hesitate to contact your local branch if you have any questions or concerns regarding this debit card processing transition, or any other issues.

We look forward to providing you these exciting up-to-date features and a more up-to-date mobile app to make your banking experience even better!

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